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Technical bulletins

List of technical bulletins concerning Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations.

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  • 03/18 Use of mobile device to administer a ...PDF Popular

    This technical bulletin will serve to inform witnessing officers on the use of mobile devices (such as a Kindle, iPad or mobile phone) containing electronic religious text for the purposes of taking an oath.

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  • 02/18 Statutory Declarations - Prisoner ...PDF Popular

    This bulletin aims to clarify the witnessing requirements when a statutory declaration is to be completed by a client sending photographs of a child or children to a prisoner in Queensland.

    25 recent views 3980 total views
  • 01/18 - Record keeping and personal informationPDF Popular

    To clarify your role in recordkeeping, this technical bulletin outlines what is personal information and what you can and cannot record in your logbook during the course of your official duties. This bulletin supersedes 01/09 –...

    12 recent views 6357 total views
  • 03/17 Queensland Police production noticesPDF Popular

    Changes to the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act (PPRA), sections 180 (Production notice) and 181 (Issue of production notice), now allows for a police officer to make application to either a justice or a magistrate to issue a...

    12 recent views 2941 total views
  • 01/17 Mental Health Act 2016 - Abolishment of ...PDF Popular

    On 5 March 2017 changes in the Mental Health Act 2016 come into effect. This bulletin provides important information regarding the changes to the powers of a Justices of the Peace.

    5 recent views 215 total views
  • 01/15 Anti - Discrimination and the Role of ...PDF Popular

    The Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) (the Act) aims to promote equality of opportunity for everyone by protecting them from unfair discrimination in certain areas of activity. The Act also provides a way to make a complaint about...

    1 recent views 680 total views
  • 03/14 Witnessing Tattoo Parlours Act 2013 ...PDF Popular

    On 6 January 2014, the Queensland Government introduced new tattoo licensing laws under the Tattoo Parlours Act 2013 (the Act). Anyone who performs body art tattooing procedures or who operates a body art tattooing business in Queensland...

    1 recent views 522 total views
  • 01/13 Witnessing statutory declarations for ...PDF Popular

    In the days following Queensland’s recent natural disasters, you may be requested to witness a Statutory Declaration for a person who has been affected by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald and/or associated flooding. In some cases, the person...

    2 recent views 1521 total views
  • 02/12 Changes to relationship recognition in ...PDF Popular

    On 22 June 2012 the Queensland Parliament passed the Civil Partnerships and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012. The new legislation came into effect on 27 June 2012 and makes amendments to the Civil Partnerships Act 2011, including...

    2 recent views 548 total views
  • 05/12 Alteration or Minor Correction to Land ...PDF Popular

    This bulletin has been issued to provide general information on the Registrar of Titles requirements and the minor effect on witnessing procedures for Titles Registry forms.

    3 recent views 591 total views
  • 06/12 New South Wales Identity RequirementsPDF Popular

    This bulletin provides information on the new identity requirements when witnessing a person’s New South Wales (NSW) statutory declaration or NSW affidavit.

    2 recent views 438 total views
  • 01/11 Volunteers in Policing who are also ...PDF Popular

    The Justices of the Peace Branch has identified an issue that may affect Justices of the Peace (JPs) and Commissioners for Declarations (Cdecs) in their role when assisting the community.

    1 recent views 539 total views
  • 02/11 Witnessing Victim Assist Queensland ...PDF Popular

    On 1 December 2009, a new scheme for victims of violent crime in Queensland commenced. A new unit, Victim Assist Queensland, was established within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to administer the scheme.

    3 recent views 244 total views
  • 02/10 Justice associationsPDF Popular

    As a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations in Queensland it is important to remember you have access to many support networks to assist you in your duties.

    1 recent views 379 total views
  • 03/10 Queensland Civil and Administrative TribunalPDF Popular

    The Justices of the Peace Branch has received enquiries from JPs and Cdecs in the community regarding the new Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

    4 recent views 256 total views
  • 04/10 Certificate of witnessPDF Popular

    The JP Branch has developed a witness certificate that provides information to the Lender to assist in the identification of the borrower without requesting personal details of the witnessing officer.

    6 recent views 652 total views
  • 05/10 Witnessing family law documentsPDF Popular

    The JP Branch has identified areas where Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations could improve witnessing procedures when witnessing Family Law Court documents.

    8 recent views 521 total views
  • 03/09 Mentoring guidelines under the "JPs in ...PDF Popular

    In 2008, the Justices of the Peace Branch implemented a mentoring program targeted at newly appointed Justices of the Peace (Qualified), and linked to the successful “JPs in the Community” program.

    1 recent views 265 total views
  • 04/09 Definition of day when considering ...PDF Popular

    Due to differences in regions across the State there has been some confusion identified amongst issuing Justices of the Peace and applicant police officers relating to the end time of a search warrant issued for seven (7) days under...

    3 recent views 320 total views
  • 08/09 Introduction of new security paper ...PDF

    In early July 2009, the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages began using a new security-enhanced paper for certificates. This new paper, currently being used by Victoria, the Northern Territory and South Australia, will be...

    1 recent views 4 total views
  • 09/09 New land titles notice available for ...PDF Popular

    Justices of the Peace (JP) Branch has introduced a new notice to assist Justices of the Peace (JPs) and Commissioners for Declarations (Cdecs) in cases where you are unable to witness land titles documents, either because the titles...

    2 recent views 463 total views
  • 10/09 New incident report form available to ...PDF Popular

    Justices of the Peace (JP) Branch has introduced a new notice to assist Justices of the Peace (JPs) and Commissioners for Declarations (Cdecs) in cases where you are unable to witness land titles documents, either because the titles...

    1 recent views 302 total views
  • 11/09 Muslim women wearing a niqab (veil) or ...PDF Popular

    Recently, the Justices of the Peace Branch (JPB) has been contacted regarding Muslim/Islamic wearing women wearing the niqab (veil) or full burka and how Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations are able to satisfy...

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