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Abbot Point: Notices to Mariners

See current notices to mariners for the Abbot Point pilotage area.

The Abbot Point pilotage area is part of the North Queensland region.

Publication and resources

  • 287 T of 2016PDF Popular

    Abbot Point—ocean monitoring equipment established

    2 recent views 23 total views
  • 434 of 2016PDF Popular

    North Entrance, Edgecombe Bay—port lateral buoy N2 established

    1 recent views 13 total views
  • 454 of 2016PDF

    Gloucester Passage, Edgecumbe Bay—lateral mark buoy established

    1 recent views 5 total views
  • 484 T of 2016PDF Popular

    Abbot Point terminal, channels and berths-amended port navigation depths

    1 recent views 11 total views
  • 504 T of 2016PDF

    Abbot Point—buoys established

    2 recent views 8 total views
  • 077 T of 2017PDF

    Materials offloading facility (MOF)—maintenance dredging

    6 recent views 6 total views

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Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Government, Abbot Point: Notices to Mariners, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution sourced on 28 March 2017


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