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  • Best Management Practices for Sugarcane Popular

    20 recent views 261 total views
    A collection of resources for using best management practices in sugarcane production.
  • Foot and mouth disease

    0 recent views 0 total views
    Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a serious and highly contagious viral disease affecting cloven-hoofed animals
  • Innovation Journey

    9 recent views 181 total views
    Find out more about innovation funding and support available through the Australian and Queensland governments to help you develop your innovation and grow your business.
  • Queensland Biotechnology Code of Ethics

    2 recent views 175 total views
    The [Queensland Biotechnology Code of Ethics] (, which defines the ethical boundaries for...
  • Liquor licensing and compliance forms Popular

    425 recent views 32430 total views
    A list of application forms (and relateds forms e.g. probity) for Queensland liquor licences and permits.
  • Aquaculture Popular

    39 recent views 1924 total views
    Aquaculture production summary.
  • Queensland quarry operations Popular

    18 recent views 526 total views
    These resources show the location and contact details for Queensland's major quarry operations.
  • Explosives and fireworks forms

    5 recent views 802 total views
    Forms required for explosives and fireworks activities in Queensland, including licences, permits, applications, security and advisory. For more information, read our explosives...
  • Queensland's unconventional petroleum potential Popular

    10 recent views 334 total views
    Information on Queensland's shale oil and gas, tight gas, and coal seam gas potential, including tables and map.
  • Queensland's petroleum and coal seam gas Popular

    37 recent views 1390 total views
    Information on Queensland's petroleum and coal seam gas resources and industry, including statistics, graphs and maps
  • Gaming rules Popular

    10 recent views 544 total views
    The rules for players—that explain the rights and obligations of both the player and licensed gaming operator—are known as ‘gaming rules’. These rules are lawful, binding and...
  • Safe Night Precincts Popular

    43 recent views 2437 total views
    This set contains the boundary maps and funding application forms and guidelines for Queensland's safe night precincts (SNP).
  • Approved Seals for Gaming Equipment Popular

    15 recent views 380 total views
    List of approved tamper seals and suppliers for gaming equipment. If you would like to receive email notifications of updates to this document set and other OLGR technical...
  • Form OSR D8.1—Insurance return

    5 recent views 205 total views
    Complete this form if you are registered as a self assessor for insurance duty and required to lodge returns.
  • Transfer duty concessions for farm-in agreements Popular

    111 recent views 111 total views
    Find out how transfer duty concessions apply to certain types of eligible farm-in agreements.
  • Best Management Practices for Grazing

    7 recent views 36 total views
    A collection of resources for using best management practices in grazing production
  • Accelerate Small Business Grants

    4 recent views 195 total views
    This set includes the guidelines and the terms and conditions relating to the Accelerate Small Business Grants program
  • Explosives and fireworks posters and brochures

    8 recent views 438 total views
    Community safety posters and brochures about explosives and fireworks in Queensland, including surrendering after emergencies and disasters. For more information, read our...
  • Brands Popular

    25 recent views 931 total views
    Branding forms
  • Tourism Investment Opportunities

    9 recent views 315 total views
    Information sheets for investment ready tourism projects in Queensland Australia. Published in the following languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,...

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