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Business and industry

  • Grow Your Tourism Business

    5 recent views 95 total views
    A guide to tools, resources and funding available for tourism businesses
  • Film and Screen Industry and Tourism

    2 recent views 2 total views
    This report is the culmination of the efforts of eight postgraduate students who researched the opportunities to develop film location-based tourism and experiences in...
  • Drones in Tourism

    2 recent views 2 total views
    The Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games (DITID) commissioned the University of Queensland Business School’s TOUR 7040 Work...
  • Electric Vehicle Tourism in Queensland

    5 recent views 5 total views
    As part of the University of Queensland Business School’s TOUR 7040 Work Integrated Learning 2019 Group Project Placement, the Electric Vehicle (EV) research project was...
  • Quarterly and annual metal prices and variable rates Popular

    43 recent views 1981 total views
    View the royalty rates that apply to base and precious metals for each return period.
  • In-venue signage for liquor licensees Popular

    340 recent views 9090 total views
    Liquor licensees and permit-holders can download, print out and display these signs at licensed venues. Topics include: minors, responsible service of alcohol (RSA), refusal of...
  • Form OSR R01.6—Mineral royalty return Popular

    27 recent views 2101 total views
    Complete this form to submit a royalty return if you are a mining tenure holder.
  • Community Benefit Fund - funding guidelines Popular

    95 recent views 4251 total views
    A list of the most recent funding guidelines for the community benefit funds.
  • Great Barrier Reef Island Resort Rejuvenation Program Popular

    53 recent views 461 total views
    The Queensland Government is investing $25 million to deliver the Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts Rejuvenation Program and a range of Great Barrier Reef island resort projects...
  • Veterinary laboratory

    6 recent views 6 total views
    Documents used to submit samples to the Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory
  • Form OSR P10—Application for payroll tax registration / Notification of desig... Popular

    55 recent views 2652 total views
    Complete this form to register as an employer and to designate a member of a group as the designated group employer for payroll tax purposes.
  • Form OSR P12—Final return / Notification of designated group employer Popular

    35 recent views 2361 total views
    Complete this form within 21 days of a change of status and (if applicable) nominate a designated group employer for payroll tax.
  • Scientific user

    2 recent views 79 total views
    Forms and information about ethical requirements when using animals for scientific purposes
  • OLGR publications Popular

    112 recent views 4778 total views
    This is a list of publications made available for the liquor and gaming industries by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR).
  • Superseded royalty rulings

    9 recent views 27 total views
    Superseded royalty rulings relating to the Mineral Resources Act 1989 and the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
  • Community Benefit Fund - successful applicants Popular

    147 recent views 3103 total views
    A list of successful applicants for the community benefit funds over the last 12 months of funding rounds.
  • Liquor and gaming guidelines Popular

    34 recent views 1950 total views
    Guidelines developed by the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming to help with liquor and gaming licence applications and compliance responsibilities. Liquor Guideline 51 -...
  • Gambling exclusion forms Popular

    24 recent views 3713 total views
    Forms for patron self-exclusion and venue-initiated exclusion from specific gambling venues, products and services.
  • Vessel tracking

    6 recent views 251 total views
    Includes consultation report, trail summary report installation and maintenance standard, and final guideline and policy
  • State native forestry Popular

    14 recent views 57 total views
    Information related to the management of state native forests in Queensland.

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