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Justice and Attorney-General

  • OFT corporate documents

    6 recent views 235 total views
    The Office of Fair Trading releases its corporate documents on a regular basis. Find downloadable copies of these documents here.
  • Liquor licensing and compliance forms Popular

    425 recent views 32430 total views
    A list of application forms (and relateds forms e.g. probity) for Queensland liquor licences and permits.
  • JP Bulletin Popular

    895 recent views 7216 total views
    Read the JP Bulletin for the latest news from the JP Branch of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, as well as information about professional development workshops.
  • OFT tattoo industry forms for operating

    5 recent views 139 total views
    Tattoo parlours must complete these forms while they operate.
  • OFT mutual recognition application forms

    6 recent views 366 total views
    You must to apply to operate in a licensed profession in Queensland. Use these forms if you already hold a valid licence or registration that was issued interstate or in New...
  • OFT application forms for licences, registrations or permits

    5 recent views 503 total views
    You must have a licence, registration or permit to work in certain industries. Use these forms to if you wish to apply.
  • OFT registered cooperative forms and guides

    2 recent views 232 total views
    Registered cooperatives can use these forms and guides to understand and fulfil their legal requirements.
  • Notice of inability to witness titles registry Popular

    28 recent views 1756 total views
    Notice of inability to witness titles registry form
  • Incident reporting for Justice of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations Popular

    16 recent views 1139 total views
    Formal documents for Justice of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations to report an incident while performing duties
  • Youth detention policies Popular

    12 recent views 755 total views
    Information about the policies used to run youth detention centres.
  • Gaming rules Popular

    10 recent views 544 total views
    The rules for players—that explain the rights and obligations of both the player and licensed gaming operator—are known as ‘gaming rules’. These rules are lawful, binding and...
  • Safe Night Precincts Popular

    43 recent views 2437 total views
    This set contains the boundary maps and funding application forms and guidelines for Queensland's safe night precincts (SNP).
  • Retail shop leases forms Popular

    348 recent views 12186 total views
    Approved forms under the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (effective from 2 December 2016).
  • Approved Seals for Gaming Equipment Popular

    15 recent views 380 total views
    List of approved tamper seals and suppliers for gaming equipment. If you would like to receive email notifications of updates to this document set and other OLGR technical...
  • Justices of the Peace branch code of conduct Popular

    81 recent views 4193 total views
    Code of conduct for Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations
  • DFV: DJAG is making a difference Popular

    139 recent views 351 total views
    DFV: DJAG is making a difference showcases the important work DJAG is doing to strengthen the justice response and help end DFV in Queensland. It provides updates on DJAG’s work...
  • Stop and Desist Notice Popular

    18 recent views 19 total views
    A Stop and Desist Notice issued by a Commissioned Officer under section 76 of the Peace and Good Behaviour Act 1982.
  • Public Safety Order Popular

    18 recent views 18 total views
    Public Safety Order issued by a Commissioned Officer under section 17 of the Peace and Good Behaviour Act 1982.
  • Technical bulletins Popular

    538 recent views 7373 total views
    List of technical bulletins concerning Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations.
  • ID Scanning Minimum Technical Requirements Popular

    33 recent views 854 total views
    The Queensland Government’s Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Act 2016 is a comprehensive plan to deal with alcohol and drug-related violence. It aims to...

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