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Environment and Science

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  • Indigenous Art Centre (IAC) multi-year funding (2019-23)

    2 recent views 41 total views
    Arts Queensland’s Indigenous Art Centre (IAC) multi-year funding (2019-2023) is part of the Queensland Government’s Backing Indigenous Arts (BIA) Initiative. The fund supports...
  • Backing Indigenous Arts - Performing Arts

    6 recent views 695 total views
    Backing Indigenous Arts – Performing Arts (BIAPA) supports the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing artists and companies. For more information on...
  • Information for arts funding applicants Popular

    49 recent views 2263 total views
    Information for people applying for arts funding. View Information and templates for specific funds: Individuals Fund, Organisations Fund, Playing Queensland Fund, Queensland...
  • Playing Queensland Fund Popular

    26 recent views 1827 total views
    Information and templates for the Playing Queensland Fund, which is arts funding that supports work that is already ready to tour, which has demonstrated community interest and...
  • Queensland Arts Showcase Program Popular

    130 recent views 10185 total views
    The Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) is administered across three streams: Arts Ignite, Arts Illuminate and Arts Impact. QASP aims to provide a vibrant and accessible...
  • Open data strategy—Environment and Heritage Protection

    7 recent views 773 total views
    Open data strategy for the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, listing data collected by the department, timetables for its release and standards for data...
  • Projects and Programs Fund

    8 recent views 2974 total views
    Information and templates for the Projects and Programs Fund, is arts funding for projects or programs of activities by an individual, organisation or collective. Also view...
  • Arts Leverage Fund

    3 recent views 352 total views
    Useful documents for applying for the Arts Leverage Fund.
  • Regional Arts Fund (RAF)

    5 recent views 701 total views
    The Regional Arts Fund (RAF) is an Australian Government program designed to benefit regional and remote arts practitioners, arts workers, audiences and communities. RAF...
  • Arts Infrastructure Fund (AIF)

    7 recent views 676 total views
    Arts Infrastructure Fund (AIF) helps support arts and cultural organisations to upgrade and improve the infrastructure that supports their work and practice. For more...
  • Indigenous Art Centre Infrastructure Fund Popular

    12 recent views 428 total views
    The Indigenous Art Centre Infrastructure Fund (IACIF) 2017-19 offers funding over two years to support upgrades to key infrastructure at the 14 Indigenous Art Centres funded...

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