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Housing and Public Works

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Queensland State Archives

  • Annual Report—Queensland State Archives Popular

    20 recent views 706 total views
    The Annual Reports of the State Archivist of Queensland is required under section 56 of the Public Records Act 2002.
  • Transcription of Moreton Bay convict records Popular

    19 recent views 359 total views
    While conducting his own research, Mr Ken Lamb from Canberra has transcribed many of the records detailing convicts sent to Moreton Bay between 1824 and 1839. The following...
  • Responsible Conduct Procedure

    2 recent views 60 total views
    Responsible Conduct Procedure for the Queensland State Archives
  • Pre-separation resource guide

    5 recent views 61 total views
    A bibliography of sources held at Queensland State Archives relating to Queensland prior to separation from New South Wales in 1859
  • Index: Correspondence - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    4 recent views 75 total views
    The correspondence records of the Colonial Secretary’s Office are a valuable source of information relating to Queensland Aborigines in the nineteenth century. There are also...
  • Brief guides at Queensland State Archives Popular

    60 recent views 1856 total views
    Brief guides at Queensland State Archives are designed to give information about some of the popular sets of records held at QSA. The brief guides generally include the types...
  • ArchivesSearch help guide

    1 recent views 146 total views
    Brief guide to searching the Queensland State Archives catalogue
  • Service Charter - QSA

    2 recent views 110 total views
    Service Charter - Queensland State Archives November 2016
  • Use of personal cameras

    4 recent views 79 total views
    Policy on the use of personal cameras at QSA
  • Collection Management Policy

    4 recent views 71 total views
    Collection management policy for the Queensland State Archives
  • Archives for genealogists Popular

    13 recent views 189 total views
    Queensland State Archives (QSA) collects and preserves the public records of Queensland, of long term value, and makes them available for members of the public. The archived...
  • Cabinet Minutes

    9 recent views 582 total views
    Cabinet is the decision-making body of the Queensland Government and is made up of (The Premier and) all Ministers of the Crown. Law reform, significant policy initiatives,...

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