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Agriculture and Fisheries

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  • Ethical use of animals Popular

    13 recent views 256 total views
    Using animals for scientific purposes
  • Recreational fishing Popular

    11 recent views 284 total views
    Educational collateral and consultation documents pertaining to recreational fishing in Qld, including tidal, freshwater, SIPS, compliance.
  • Queensland AgTrends Popular

    70 recent views 594 total views
    Forecasts and trends in Queensland agricultural, fisheries and forestry production
  • Grazing economics Popular

    10 recent views 361 total views
    A collection of resources for the economics of grazing production.
  • Queensland Forest and Timber Industry: an overview

    6 recent views 146 total views
    The publication provides a snapshot of the forest and timber industry’s contribution to the Queensland economy and highlights the scope, innovation and features of the state’s...
  • Forage Oat Agronomy Guide

    5 recent views 328 total views
    This guide discusses the recommended practices for growing oats for forage, strategies to minimise infection.
  • Healthy hardwoods

    2 recent views 48 total views
    This is a field guide to pests, diseases and nutritional disorders in subtropical hardwoods. Use it to identify common, damaging insects, fungi and nutritional problems in young...
  • Strategic Plan - Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

    1 recent views 86 total views
    The Strategic Plan for the Department which sets a clear direction for working towards a productive and profitable agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector.
  • Profile of the Atherton Tablelands Citrus Industry

    2 recent views 31 total views
    Report detailing the current size and value of the Atherton Tablelands Citrus Industry as of October 2018
  • Queensland Fisheries Summary Report

    5 recent views 35 total views
    A summary of Queensland Fisheries annual catch and effort data, displaying basic statistical information from the previous 7 years
  • Bwgcolman book series (children caring for animals)

    4 recent views 28 total views
    Bwgcolman book series (children caring for animals) caring for a new foal
  • MDBREDP Co-investment Funding Scheme

    2 recent views 32 total views
    Information and eligibility guidelines for potential applicants for the Murray-Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program (MDB REDP) Co-investment Funding Scheme.
  • Coaldrake Review Popular

    26 recent views 663 total views
    Review of the future of vocational education, training and skilling in central-western Queensland
  • Sustainable native forest management

    3 recent views 33 total views
    This book describes the principles of native forest management and optimum outcomes for production and environment.
  • Forest Certification

    7 recent views 233 total views
    Certificate number AFS 603520 issued to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for compliance with the Australian Standard® for Sustainable Forest Management AS 4708:2013.
  • Banana economics Popular

    22 recent views 633 total views
    A collection of resources for the economics of banana production.
  • Trellis economic analysis tool

    5 recent views 38 total views
    An excel spreadsheet allowing growers to analyse the economics of trellising for their own situation
  • Open data strategy—Agriculture and Fisheries Popular

    13 recent views 1247 total views
    Open data strategy for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, listing data collected by the department, timetables for its release and standards for data management.
  • Growing for Queensland Popular

    11 recent views 69 total views
    Growing for Queensland reaffirms the Queensland Government’s focus on industry development with a clear ambition for a productive and profitable agriculture, fisheries and...
  • Agbiz tools - Business and Finance - Export

    8 recent views 228 total views
    Tool to help farmers sssess the costs and risks associated with exporting any product

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