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OLGR publications

This is a list of publications made available for the liquor and gaming industries by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR).

Publication and resources

  • Template for lodging a petition objection to a ...DOC Popular

    This document is provided as a guide on how to lodge a petition objection to a liquor licensing application.

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  • Liquor accord pro-forma arrangementPDF Popular

    To assist Liquor Accords in setting up arrangements, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) provides this amended Pro-forma Liquor Accord Arrangement approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

    2 recent views 170 total views
  • Pro-forma Liquor Accord Arrangement DeterminationPDF Popular

    The Pro-forma Liquor Accord Arrangement (PLAA) is a template document that local liquor accord bodies are encouraged to adopt. The purpose of the PLAA is to allow licensed venues in local communities to implement strategies that help...

    1 recent views 79 total views
  • Queensland Pro-forma Liquor Accord Arrangement ...PDF Popular

    Register your PLAA with OLGR to ensure protection under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 . These arrangements only apply to liquor accords that feature price and supply controls based on those included in the PLAA Determination...

    1 recent views 71 total views
  • No more risky business - a safety audit for ...PDF Popular

    This document has been designed as a ready-made safety audit model for use by liquor licensees who decide to conduct their own review of safety in and around their venue. It will help a licensee to establish a risk profile of the...

    16 recent views 687 total views
  • Alcohol beverages advertising codePDF Popular

    The Code is designed to ensure that alcohol advertising will be conducted in an appropriate manner.

    10 recent views 93 total views
  • CCTV guidePDF Popular

    This guide has been designed to assist liquor licensees to adopt best practice standards for CCTV systems.

    20 recent views 1057 total views
  • Complaint formPDF Popular

    This form is provided to assist in ensuring complaints submitted to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) can be properly investigated.

    7 recent views 215 total views
  • Noise nuisance complaint diaryPDF Popular

    This document is provided to ensure that noise complaints submitted to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) contain relevant information for investigation.

    12 recent views 245 total views
  • Guideline for transfer of gaming machine ...PDF Popular

    This is a guideline on the transfer of gaming machine entitlements between club licensees.

    1 recent views 17 total views
  • Guideline for gaming related compliance programPDF Popular

    This is a guideline about compliance programs for gaming licensees. It provides information on how a licensee can develop a compliance program that meets minimum standards.

    4 recent views 159 total views
  • Guideline for Section 341A of Gaming Machine ...PDF Popular

    This guideline serves to clarify the application of section 341A of the Gaming Machine Act 1991 and relates to the restriction on membership of management, committee or board.

    3 recent views 58 total views
  • Guideline for section 341A: Disclosure tablePDF Popular

    This disclosure table names the approved exemptions to Section 341A of the Gaming Machine Act 1991: Restrictions on membership of management committee or board. This should be read in conjunction with Gaming Guideline Section 341A.

    3 recent views 18 total views
  • Guideline for preparation of auditor's reportPDF Popular

    This guideline's primary purpose is to briefly describe the accounting Forms and procedures followed by gaming licensees and to provide the approved accountants with specific guidelines by which to complete the Auditors Report.

    19 recent views 436 total views
  • Event management planning guidePDF Popular

    This guide has been developed to help event managers through the planning process.

    40 recent views 659 total views
  • Think the Drink methodologyPDF Popular

    This document explains the 'Think the Drink' program developed by the Goondiwindi Liquor Accord.

    2 recent views 26 total views
  • Guideline for decision making under part 4 ...PDF Popular

    This guideline helps licensees to understand whether all or part of a licensed premises is ‘high risk’ under Part 4 Division 9 of the [Liquor Act 1992] (

    1 recent views 15 total views
  • Liquor licensing fees and charges 2019-20PDF Popular

    Full list of fees related to Queensland liquor and wine licences FROM 1 July 2019. DO NOT EMAIL or FAX credit card details to OLGR. Your payment will not be accepted. Please see form for lodgement and payment details.

    334 recent views 1317 total views
  • Gaming licence fees and charges 2019-20PDF Popular

    Full list of fees related to Queensland gaming licences as at 1 July 2019. Includes licensing fees related to machine gaming, charitable and non-profit gaming, wagering, lotteries, Keno and casinos. DO NOT EMAIL or FAX credit card...

    52 recent views 252 total views
  • Sample site planPDF Popular

    Sample site plan. Use this as an example of the type of site plan you will need to submit for applications to temporarily change (increase/decrease) the size of your licensed area.

    10 recent views 87 total views
  • Guideline for management agreements - section ...PDF Popular

    This guideline is applicable to a club that is the holder of, or an applicant for, a gaming machine licence under the Gaming Machine Act 1991 and which intends to enter into a management agreement as defined by the Act or alter an...

    2 recent views 50 total views
  • Information for small regional showsPDF Popular

    'Eligible associations' conducting small regional shows generally no longer have to apply for a community liquor permit to sell alcohol at a fundraising event.

    15 recent views 585 total views
  • Two-up on Anzac DayPDF Popular

    Two-up can be played and conducted on Anzac Day (and other designated days), within certain provisions. This document provides details of conducting two-up and handling monies wagered and collected for two-up.

    3 recent views 651 total views
  • ID scanning privacy obligations for licensed ...PPT Popular

    This PPT presentation explains the privacy obligations of employees of an ID scanning regulated premises. This document and the related notes ID Scanning - Privacy responsibilities for licensed venue staff: Information notes’ (PDF)...

    1 recent views 99 total views
  • ID scanning privacy responsibilities for ...PDF Popular

    Information notes to be used in conjunction with the ID scanning privacy responsibilities for licensed venue staff sample presentation (PPT).

    4 recent views 75 total views
  • Preparing comments on liquor licence ...PDF Popular

    Local councils can use this guide when making comment on licence applications under the Liquor Act 1992. The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) seeks comment from the relevant local government authority (council) on a range of...

    2 recent views 26 total views
  • Jag the Joker factsheetPDF Popular

    Learn how games of Jag the Joker, or Jokers Wild, must meet the requirements of the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999.

    6 recent views 89 total views

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