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  • Mount Isa Community Lead Screening Program Popular

    20 recent views 20 total views
    Reports into the results of a blood-lead screening program of 1-4 year old children in Mount Isa, Queensland.
  • Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service Strategies and Plans Popular

    28 recent views 621 total views
    A collection of strategies and plans published by Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service
  • Food safety complaints Popular

    85 recent views 5705 total views
    Information for consumers and food businesses about food safety complaints, including a customer complaint form for businesses to use when informing local government. Read more...
  • Food Act compliance - Information for businesses Popular

    86 recent views 3902 total views
    A series of fact sheets, and guidelines to help food businesses meet their obligations under the Food Act 2006. Read more about Food safety for food businesses
  • Food handling - Information for businesses Popular

    58 recent views 2284 total views
    Food handling tips and advice for food businesses. Read more about Food safety for food businesses
  • Potentially hazardous foods Popular

    85 recent views 2395 total views
    Fact sheets for consumers: tips about handling and preparing foods that are commonly associated with food poisoning, as well as information about common food borne illnesses....
  • Food safety and seafood Popular

    17 recent views 535 total views
    Seafood fact sheets for consumers. Find more general food safety tips
  • Food safety auditing Popular

    15 recent views 861 total views
    Guidelines, forms and templates for food safety auditors. Read more about Food safety for food businesses
  • Food safety documentation for local government officers Popular

    13 recent views 542 total views
    Food safety guidelines for local government officers, and annual local government reports. Find more information about Food safety and food safety regulation for food businesses
  • Food business licensing - information for businesses Popular

    99 recent views 5959 total views
    Information about fees and licensing requirements for food businesses. Read more about Food safety for food businesses
  • Food safety during pregnancy Popular

    17 recent views 700 total views
    Read detailed fact sheets about folate and iodine. Find more general food safety tips, including some information for pregnancy
  • Food safety programs - information for businesses Popular

    152 recent views 11241 total views
    Read about food safety programs for caterers and for businesses supplying food for vulnerable people. Find templates for developing programs. Read more about Food safety for...
  • Food safety for non-profit organisations Popular

    129 recent views 4314 total views
    Information for non-profit organisations to help them comply with Queensland's food safety laws. Read more about food safety
  • Food labelling Popular

    61 recent views 3318 total views
    Food labelling guides for meat, fish and bread products as well as a guide to food labelling standards for all food businesses. Read more about Food safety for food businesses
  • Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme resources Popular

    45 recent views 2439 total views
    Forms and guidelines for patients who are eligible for financial help through the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS).
  • Student deed documentation Popular

    36 recent views 4524 total views
    Documents for students and supervisors to complete when organising a student placement within a Hospital and Health facility.
  • Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service Board Meeting Summaries

    9 recent views 455 total views
    Summary of the key issues discussed and decisions made by the Board . At the commencement of every year, monthly documents will be merged into a single annual edition.
  • eHealth Investment Strategy Popular

    69 recent views 7197 total views
    Strategy for a digital health system offering integrated services with timely, secure and reliable access to patient information across public and private care providers.
  • Primary Clinical Care Manual - 10th edition Popular

    751 recent views 4500 total views
    The Primary Clinical Care Manual - 10th edition is the principal clinical reference and policy document for health professionals working in diverse and rural and remote health...
  • Hospital and Health Service, Service Agreement 2016/2017 - 2018/2019 April 20... Popular

    64 recent views 226 total views
    The final version of the 2016/17 – 2018/19 Hospital and Health Services, Service Agreements (April 2019 Revision), as agreed through 2018/19 amendment window three, is available...

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