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Agriculture and Fisheries

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  • Outcomes of Fisheries 2016 QRAA Assistance Scheme Popular

    14 recent views 14 total views
    New net-free fishing zones in Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton were introduced on 1 November 2015. An initial surrender scheme was administered by QRAA in 2015. A second round...
  • Macadamia industry benchmark report 2009-2016 Popular

    10 recent views 311 total views
    Annual summary of benchmark findings including yield, quality and cost trends by season, region, farm size and tree age.
  • Best Management Practices for Grazing Popular

    14 recent views 27 total views
    A collection of resources for using best management practices in grazing production
  • Queensland AgTrends 2016-17 Popular

    39 recent views 107 total views
    Forecasts and trends in Queensland agricultural, fisheries and forestry production
  • Forage Oat Variety Guide

    2 recent views 162 total views
    This guide discusses the recommended practices for growing oats for forage, strategies to minimise infection, and the current varieties available in Queensland and northern NSW.
  • Ovine Brucellosis

    3 recent views 3 total views
    Information and documents related to the management of ovine brucellosis by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Queensland.
  • Ethical use of animals

    2 recent views 102 total views
    Using animals for scientific purposes
  • Forest Products Pocket Facts

    2 recent views 64 total views
    Pocket Facts is released annually to the public and summarises Forest Products' financial year program performance and achievements.
  • Recertification Audit Summary Report

    1 recent views 129 total views
    Summary audit report against AS4708:2013 Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management of QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Forest Products forest management...
  • Queensland's Plantation Forestry Estate - 2016 Update

    2 recent views 6 total views
    A report presenting the results of the Queensland plantation forestry estate spatial update completed in 2016, including a comparison between the 2014 and 2016 plantation...
  • Plant quarantine areas in Queensland

    2 recent views 162 total views
    Areas of Queensland where restrictions apply when moving plants
  • Best Management Practices for Sugarcane Popular

    15 recent views 226 total views
    A collection of resources for using best management practices in sugarcane production.
  • 2016 Annual Addendum

    8 recent views 41 total views
    Updates since the release of the Queensland Agricultural Land Audit, highlighting information and data which may affect the currency of mapping and qualitative Audit information.
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Animal Ethics Committee Application F...

    3 recent views 23 total views
    A series of forms required to apply to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Animal Ethics Committee for approval to use animals for scientific purposes.
  • Recreational boating and fishing Popular

    599 recent views 24726 total views
    Queensland's recreational boating and fishing rules and regulations.
  • Certification assurance fees fact sheet

    1 recent views 4 total views
    Information about certification assurance fees which commenced on 1 July 2016 as part of the Biosecurity Act 2014.
  • Commercial fishing forms

    3 recent views 264 total views
    Application forms for authorities issued under the Fisheries Act.
  • Defined Forest Area Maps

    2 recent views 208 total views
    The area of forest to which Forest Products has legal rights to timber and to which it applies its management system.
  • Broodstock

    1 recent views 137 total views
    Information and forms related to broodstock for Commercial Aquaculture.
  • Agbiz tools - Plants - Fruits and nuts Popular

    22 recent views 624 total views
    Free Agbiz Excel spreadsheets to help farmers calculate profit, construct budgets and cashflows, and improve decision-making.

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