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Justice and Attorney-General

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  • In-venue signage for liquor licensees Popular

    83 recent views 3395 total views
    Liquor licensees and permit-holders can download, print out and display these signs at licensed venues. Topics include: minors, responsible service of alcohol (RSA), refusal of...
  • Charitable and non-profit gaming forms and resources Popular

    48 recent views 6106 total views
    Licence forms, fact sheets and other resources for conducting charitable and non-profit games such as bingo, Calcutta sweeps, lotteries, art unions.
  • Civil partnership notary handbook

    4 recent views 97 total views
    Document about the responsibilities to advise and officiate over the legal aspects of a civil partnership declaration ceremony in Queensland.
  • OFT Buy Smart Competition student and teacher resource documents Popular

    34 recent views 457 total views
    These resources can help teachers and students learn about their consumer rights and responsibilities as they prepare for the Buy Smart Competition.
  • DJAG Gift and Benefits register

    1 recent views 1 total views
    Department of Justice and Attorney-General Gift and Benefits register in accordance with PSC Directive 22/09.
  • Gaming licensing and compliance forms Popular

    110 recent views 12148 total views
    A list of application and compliance forms for Queensland gaming licences
  • Liquor licensing and compliance forms Popular

    358 recent views 33232 total views
    A list of application forms (and relateds forms e.g. probity) for Queensland liquor licences and permits.
  • Anzac Day Trust Fund Popular

    24 recent views 795 total views
    Administered under provisions of the Anzac Day Act 1995, The Anzac Day Trust Fund offers annual payments to institutions, organisations or associations who provide assistance to...
  • Victim Assist reports

    6 recent views 314 total views
    These publications were produced prior to the current government Reports the way victim of crime support services are used by young people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait...
  • OFT compliance documents

    5 recent views 303 total views
    Formal Office of Fair Trading documents about compliance and enforcement actions.
  • Community Benefit Fund - funding guidelines Popular

    22 recent views 2102 total views
    A list of the most recent funding guidelines for the community benefit funds.
  • Seal of office Popular

    19 recent views 856 total views
    information to help you get started using your seal of office when witnessing documents
  • Safe Night Precincts Popular

    26 recent views 2485 total views
    This set contains the boundary maps and funding application forms and guidelines for Queensland's safe night precincts (SNP).
  • Birth registration Popular

    159 recent views 18680 total views
    You can register the birth of your baby online at If you are unable to complete the application form online, you can use...
  • Youth detention centres quarterly reports Popular

    19 recent views 1011 total views
    Every quarter, Inspectors from the Youth Detention Inspectorate inspect Queensland’s youth detention centres check on the safety and wellbeing of detained children, as well as...
  • OFT corporate documents

    6 recent views 247 total views
    The Office of Fair Trading releases its corporate documents on a regular basis. Find downloadable copies of these documents here.
  • JP Bulletin Popular

    97 recent views 7752 total views
    Read the JP Bulletin for the latest news from the JP Branch of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, as well as information about professional development workshops.
  • OFT tattoo industry forms for operating

    2 recent views 142 total views
    Tattoo parlours must complete these forms while they operate.
  • OFT mutual recognition application forms

    2 recent views 368 total views
    You must to apply to operate in a licensed profession in Queensland. Use these forms if you already hold a valid licence or registration that was issued interstate or in New...
  • OFT application forms for licences, registrations or permits

    5 recent views 514 total views
    You must have a licence, registration or permit to work in certain industries. Use these forms to if you wish to apply.

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