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Justice and Attorney-General

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  • QCOM 3 Interface Specification Popular

    20 recent views 2003 total views
    If you would like to receive email notifications of updates to this document set and other OLGR technical guidelines, please contact the publication set custodian via the link...
  • RBDM Qld Access to adoption information application

    5 recent views 20 total views
    With authorisation from Adoption Services, you may be able to apply for information about the identity of the birth parent(s) of an adopted person. To apply to us for the...
  • RBDM Qld Death certificate application Popular

    128 recent views 8008 total views
    Apply for a death certificate or death commemorative certificate in Queensland. To apply online visit...
  • RBDM Qld scheduled fees Popular

    59 recent views 6583 total views
    Fee schedule for Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages
  • JP Bulletin Popular

    120 recent views 14409 total views
    Read the JP Bulletin for the latest news from the JP Branch of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, as well as information about professional development workshops.
  • JPs in the Community Popular

    31 recent views 478 total views
    Documents for Volunteers in the JPs in the Community Program
  • Gaming Technical Services - draft technical requirements

    2 recent views 10 total views
    A list of all gaming technical services publications in draft format for industry comment and feedback
  • Hashing Algorithms Popular

    13 recent views 813 total views
    List of acceptable hashing algorithms for use with certain OLGR technical requirements documents. Refer to document for more information.
  • Principles of operation for volunteer program Popular

    12 recent views 1699 total views
    Information for operating the JPs in the Community Program
  • Justices of the Peace branch code of conduct Popular

    59 recent views 7377 total views
    Code of conduct for Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations
  • Seal of office Popular

    11 recent views 1320 total views
    information to help you get started using your seal of office when witnessing documents
  • Charter of Victims' Rights in Queensland Popular

    22 recent views 1858 total views
    Charter that outlines how victims of violent crime should be treated by government and non-government agencies in Queensland.
  • Safe Night Precincts Popular

    38 recent views 4103 total views
    This set contains the boundary maps and funding application forms and guidelines for Queensland's safe night precincts (SNP).
  • Conciliation Application Popular

    36 recent views 3069 total views
    The approved form, guide and privacy statement for lodging a conciliation application with the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management for dispute...
  • Adjudication Application Popular

    24 recent views 3109 total views
    The approved form, guide and privacy statement for lodging an adjudication application with the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management for...
  • Technical bulletins Popular

    136 recent views 14353 total views
    List of technical bulletins concerning Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations.
  • Restorative Justice Program reports

    6 recent views 233 total views
    The Department of Justice of Attorney-General has two restorative justice programs that operate in the remote communities of Mornington Island and Aurukun.
  • BCCM webinar series Popular

    16 recent views 255 total views
    Access to body corporate records webinar; Financial management webinar; Enforcing body corporate by-laws webinar
  • Financial assistance application forms - victims of crime Popular

    104 recent views 10045 total views
    Victim Assist Queensland can provide grants for financial assistance to assist the recovery of victims of crime. This set includes all forms that may be used when applying for...
  • Charitable and non-profit gaming forms and resources Popular

    103 recent views 9277 total views
    Licence forms, fact sheets and other resources for conducting charitable and non-profit games such as bingo, Calcutta sweeps, lotteries, art unions.

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